Every good and perfect gift is fromabove, coming down from the Father of lights,
who does not change like sifting shadows. Jm 1:17


In each of our lives there are many milestones that we and our families go through. We like to share these moments with our families and friends. In our church family across this Island, we would like to celebrate with you and your loved ones as you go through such memorable occasions.

We would like to uphold you in prayer during these times, as well. What a great way for us to become more a part of each other's lives...one BIG family...as we connect and share with each other in such important frames of our lives (achievements, accomplishments, dreams, etc) !! Such milestones that one may want to include would be graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, recitals, major promotions. Being together and sharing the things that are important to us will draw us closer together and closer to God. May all of the blessings he bestows upon as be a spark that shows just how much He loves us!

Please submit your milestone celebration with your pictures to . Before we can legally upload to our NL MISSION Family Ministries page, waivers need to be submitted on the part of yourself and those who will be in the photos being shared.

Looking forward to sharing special celebrations and milestones with you!

The CBS Adventurers and Pathfinders Club has been resurrected this year. Our Induction was held in the fall to mark the beginning of a new year. Due to not having all of our uniforms and materials arriving on time, our induction had 2 parts: one formal Induction through our church service which the children led the entire service and one informal Induction through our club time where the children received their scarves, sashes, badges and uniforms. We have new Adventurer children and leaders as well as new and old Pathfinders and leaders. We are looking forward and expectant to a great year with many of the Lord's blessings.


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